You are covered!!!

You are covered!!!

Who We Are

Sincerely is a brand that is built around a lifestyle – a lifestyle of confidence and freedom derived from a solid education on menstruation, feminine health and hygiene.

Sincerely was designed to fulfill a need in society. People in the 21st century were still going about their business with the information and misinformation of yesterday.

We aim to provide quality menstrual hygiene products at affordable prices, together with sincere menstrual health and hygiene education for all.


In 2018, schoolgirls in a district of the Central Region of Ghana were banned by their community’s river god from crossing a particular river on their route to school, because they were on their period. To make matters worse, research finds that as many as 11.5 million Ghanaian women lack the appropriate hygiene and sanitation management facilities they need. Throughout Africa, one of the largest reasons girls miss school is because of menstruation.

Being a champion of women’s wellbeing since her teens, Menaye recognised the crippling challenges women around her faced – from the adolescents in the Menaye School of Hope, to the women from her hometown she dialogued with as Nkosuohemaa, to even the young women she worked on different brands with – and was moved to take action.

She joined forces with various experts to create a well thought out personal hygiene brand – one that provides quality menstrual hygiene products at affordable prices, and educates the nation and the world at large on menstrual health.

THE MISSION of Sincerely is to be one of the most valued brands of genuine quality personal hygiene products, complemented by sincere menstrual health and hygiene education throughout Ghana.

To achieve this mission, we are in partnership with a professional gynaecologist to provide expert consulting services to our cherished customers.

OUR VISION is to become a voice of authority on the continent, and ultimately in the world, on the still rather taboo subject of Menstruation. By our combined sustainable CSR efforts and multi-platform educational marketing, we envision a knowledgeable, empowered generation of women who can raise their daughters with better knowledge and confidence.

Our Products

We have currently launched two variants of the Sincerely sanitary pad on the market: Regular (245mm) and Extra-long (290mm).

Each of these variants comes with the following features:

  • A soft and dry cottony surface to help you stay dry longer
  • Strong absorption layers which help to trap fluid fast
  • Wider pad for maximum coverage away from the edges
  • Micro circulation chip improves your PH balance to prevent bacterial and fungal infections
  • Super thin and flexible material which adapts to the curve of your body
  • Strong adhesive wings to help secure pad in place