Sincerely is a brand that is built around a lifestyle – a lifestyle of confidence and freedom derived from a solid education on menstruation, feminine health and hygiene. Sincerely was designed to fulfill a need in society. People in the 21st century are still going about their business with the information and misinformation of yesterday

Menaye recognized this, and begun asking questions…

  • How much do you spend on keeping yourself clean during your period?
  • Where do you get your sanitary products from, and are they easily accessible?
  • Do you know you can catch an infection from wearing a sanitary pad for too long?
  • How do you manage a heavy flow, and still pull off a comfortable look?
  • Is your partner supportive during your cycle?

Questions like these lead to revelations from so many women of diverse backgrounds, as well as men, which exposed a shocking gap in the area of knowledge resources.

  • I use pads for half of my period, then cloth for the lighter half;
  • I never throw my used pad away in public because they use it for juju;
  • My boyfriend gets a little distant every time I’m on my period

a few of the honest answers to her questions…

In an age where a person can connect to another they have never met before – on the other side of the globe – within seconds, women still feel isolated whenever it comes to the subject of their menstrual cycle – a product of their very own nature; the beginning of all life.